The Year 20/20

This year has been a Whirlwind

With COVID-19, the kids being home for school, a new baby, business, and my TWO oldest getting married… I feel like: “the time passed away with us, and also our lives passed away like as it were unto us a dream” (Jacob 7:26)

BUT this year has also been VERY good! COVID-19 forced us to consider our own, and our families, mortality and readiness to meet our maker. We’ve learned “Come what may and love it!” Meaning, we’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s OK to just live life the best way we can, and leave the rest in God’s hands.

We had the rare opportunity to spend lots of quality time with our families! (Which we’ve always wanted to do, but somehow the business of life got in the way.)

Call me odd, but i really do LOVE having my kids home. I love hearing them play and work happily together. Easton, our second son, took the opportunity to learn new skills and started a little go-cart business… He did so well that Timber joined him too! Our new baby hasn’t been lonely because all his siblings have been home with him, which we both LOVE!

Baby Benton isn’t really a baby anymore either; he is almost 2, and he’s growing and developing SO fast. Darin has been home from work, which is awesome for all of us, and he gets to HUNT without the restraints or work. Boden, the man who made me a mother for the first time, married the LOVE of his LIFE. They are beautiful, responsible and good… I have total confidence in them! And my sweet Dixie girl has grown into the most beautiful soul, she’s closer to the Lord then ever before. She is such a good example to me. Dixie and Shane have the highest goals, they’re working so hard and learning so much.

My heart is full.

As a mother of 6 I often find myself inadequate. When the baby (or another child) need more of me, I have less for everyone else. I can’t give the same amount of time, energy, prayers, hugs, words, or worry to all of them. Some of them have to get less of me sometimes, and I feel bad about it. But, I’m learning to give it (caring for the ones that don’t get as much of me) to the Lord to make up the difference. That’s what He does, and He does a better job than I do anyways.

I feel blessed

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