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Juliea by AmandaAs your Real Estate Agent, I WORK hard to sell your property at a price that’s RIGHT! Real Estate values go up and down, call for a free market analysis today!

Tools & Experience to MAXIMIZE Your Fruitland or New Plymouth real estate Selling opportunities! Call for a FREE market analysis of Your home in Fruitland & New Plymouth Idaho!

Sell Your Home FASTER

  1. Stage Your Home – Sing it with me… “Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the negative!” Staging your home doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. I’ll suggest simple changes that will maximize your space,  make it feel inviting; and help it to sell MUCH faster!
  2. Use A Professional Photographer for Knockout Pictures – A whopping ninety-two percent of home buyers shop online first. If you don’t have pictures that really STAND OUT your home can easily be overlooked! Each home listed with Juliea at Syme Realty gets a FULL set of professional pictures by Ed Hoffman Photography that’ll knock the socks off your competition!
  3. Price it RIGHT – If your want to MOVE – You’ve got to price your home to sell. Your home is worth what buyers will pay. Call for a FREE Market Analysis of your property COMPLETE with comparable homes SOLD near you in the last 6-12 months!
  4. Hire a Real Estate Agent with a PLAN – let’s face it, sticking a sign out front NEVER gets anything around here SOLD fast! As Your REALTOR® I list it on the MLS for thousands of buyers to see, pay to ADVERTISE it on Facebook to thousands of potential buyers, and promote it on mobile-friendly websites and Google+ for MAXIMUM exposure!

List your home on the MLS where it is picked up on, Trulia, and Zillow. With high-quality photos and text I advertise your property to 1000’s buyers on Facebook, Google, and as a featured property on our websites! You may also have a professional video of your property advertised on television and the internet!

  • INTERNET ~ 92% of BUYERS use the INTERNET in their home search! 91% of Adults use Internet Social Media. 63% of BUYERS drive by or view a home they’ve viewed ONLINE. 43% of PEOPLE BUY a home they first find ONLINE. 75& of Buyers WALK through a home they first see ONLINE! Our MOBIL ready website and FEATURED LISTINGS are easily searched by buyers! Advertise your Property Listings on Facebook and Google+ to increase and speed up the process of finding a buyer!
  • MOBIL ~ 70% of MOBIL searches result in real engagement within 1 HOUR. 47% of Home Buyers use MOBIL Devices in their search for a home! Our MOBIL-ready website allows all home searchers to VIEW YOUR LISTING on our website… Wherever they are!
  • VIDEO ~ 86% of buyers watch VIDEO”S to find out MORE about a COMMUNITY 70% of Home Buyers watch VIDEOS to TOUR the INSIDE of a home! Our VIDEO TOURS let customers take a look inside, and ALREADY like your home BEFORE they come in person to view it!
  • APPEAL ~ Properties with PROFESSIONAL Photography and VIDEO are perceived to be worth more!

How Much Will Closing Costs Be?

Good question! Your lender {if you have one} has the final word on the fees that they will charge for the loan. Closing costs are fees charged by those involved in the home sale plus your down payment. Closing costs include lending fees, title origination fees, inspection and appraisers fees, and fees charged for recording the deed.

Learn more specifics about what closing costs will be for you!

A good rule of thumb is that closing costs are between 2 and 5 percent of the purchase price. Be sure to get a copy of your HUD-1 statement. HUD-1 statements provide a final breakdown of costs associated with buying the home!

Lenders collect interest for the current month at closing. You can reduce the amount of interest paid by setting the closing date late in the month! Closing at the beginning of any month means you’ll be paying a full month of interest, and closing closer to the end of the month results in paying only a fraction of that cost!

Closing Costs Include:

  • Appraisal Costs
  • Closing Escrow Fee {This fee is usually shared equally}
  • Survey {if applicable}
  • Flood Certification or Tracking Fee {if applicable}
  • Title Insurance {This fee is usually paid by the SELLER}
  • Extended Title Insurance {Lender’s Policy}
  • Additional Title Coverage
  • Water Right Transfer Fees {This is usually paid by the BUYER}
  • Attorney Contract Prep/Review Fee {if applicable}
  • Environmental Inspection Fees {if applicable}
  • PERC Test FEE {if applicable}
  • Zoning Variance FEE {if applicable}
  • Soil Test FEE {if applicable}
  • Hazardous Waste Report FEE {if applicable}
  • Home or Property Inspection

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