Protect Your Home from Winter Hazards in Fruitland Idaho

Protect Your Home & $ave Money

As temperatures fall, “winterizing” your home PREVENTS heating bills from skyrocketing, and emergencies that accompany freezing temps.

snowed house

The Department of Energy says that keeping your house energy efficient saves up to 25% on heating bills! Take a few steps to prepare your home for winter. You’ll stay toasty warm….. And save your cash for Christmas!

Inspect Your Furnace

Make sure your furnace in good order before the cold weather really hits. A strong odor is normal when you first turn the furnace on for the season, but continuing smells signal a problem. Heating professionals can check your furnace and make sure it’s ready for the season, replace filters, clean the motor (eliminating the smell), and fix anything that’s broken.

Call a Chimney Sweep!

Fires are a great way to save on heating costs, but Chimney Fires occur when chimneys are obstructed, or have creosote buildup! Bird nests, leaves, and creosote pose the risk of chimney fires. Get your chimney cleaned by a certified chimney sweep before you start building fires. Close dampers when fireplaces aren’t being used to keep cold air OUT.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan During Winter!

Warm air rises to the ceiling while cooler air sinks, so reversing ceiling fan direction will force warm air down into the living space! Pushing the warm air where you’ll feel it lets you turn the thermostat down a few notches while staying warm, and save money!

Wrap Your Pipes

Broken pipes are a nightmare… Insulate all piping that runs through unheated portions of the house–crawlspaces, basements or garages–is properly with insulation or foam rubber sleeves from Home Depot! Remember to drain, and disconnect, you garden hose from the house!

Eliminate Drafts

Inspecting for drafts under doors and windows is easiest on chillier fall days. Replace old or worn door sweeps (for exterior doors), and make sure your weather stripping is in good order! If you have air leaks near your windows, use weather-resistant caulk on the outside. HUGE amounts of heating can escape through gaps in the duct work, so inspect HVAC ducts for cracks and separations.

Clean Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause ice dams on your roof causing water to seep in and damage your house. Remove dead leaves and debris to help rain and snow drain to avoid damage!


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