New Plymouth & Fruitland Idaho Real Estate & Community

New PlymouthWhen it comes to buying a home or land… Location Location Location!

With Family friendly ideals and top notch schools, to the best of Country Living, and Farming Opportunities… New Plymouth Idaho has a lot to offer!

New Plymouth History

William E Smythe {chairman of the National Irrigation Congress} wanted to develop a colony in the west to prove his  own theories regarding agricultural development. At a public meeting in Chicago, April 25th, 1895 a group of seven people were chosen to visit the Payette Valley and report on the location. The report was good, so the New Plymouth colony was born June 20, 1895!

Thirty-four people were chosen to form a temporary organization, and elected officials were given authority to buy land for a village, to plat the area, and plant trees.

New Plymouth Idaho was named after a famous settlement on the Atlantic seaboard, and planned as a blueprint community to be a utopia for farming families! Every detail was planned for an agricultural utopia in Payette County. The town was formed {and is still the same today} in the shape of HORSESHOE. Farms and orchards were within two miles of the town so that owners could have community life, and only have to travel a short distance to their farms!

The actual founding of the New Plymouth colony was taken to be a fulfillment of advice given by Rev. Mr. Hale, in a sermon. As he quoted from the book of Kings, Rev. Mr. Hale said: “Make the valley full of ditches. Ye shall not see wind, neither shall be seen rain {we do get rain}; yet the valley shall be filled with water that ye may drink, both ye and your cattle and beasts.”

Water was {and sill is} abundant in new Plymouth Idaho. New Plymouth Idaho is situated close to the junction of two large rivers… The Snake River and the Payette River. Most irrigation water comes {through canals of Noble Ditch Irrigation Company} from the nearby Payette River.

A Community of High Ideals, the original preamble to New Plymouth’s bylaws says:

“Whereas, it is desired to form an association of temperate men and women to establish New Plymouth Colony in Idaho, where all shall be proprietors of the soil and where all shall realize the blessings of industrial independence and civic and social equality, now therefore these bylaws are adopted:

“In order that there may be no inducement for men to be other than temperate we have inserted a clause in the deeds conveying title to the property which provides that the land will be forfeited to the colony company in case of the sale of intoxicating liquors upon any part of the premises by the owner or his representative. We know that it is possible to maintain a town in good condition without relying upon money received in licensing liquor traffic and we do not only intend to raise the finest fruit which will give value to the New Plymouth brand, but as well bring up a crop of young men who will be proud to call New Plymouth their home and in whom New Plymouth can take PRIDE.”

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Reference: Idaho: The Fruitful Land by George Yost and Dick d’Easum 1980
Independent-Enterprise, Payette Idaho March 18, 1998


Fruitland Fun Days, Trunker Treating, 4th Of July Perade, Football season is enjoyed by the entire community {& surrounding areas!} Fruitland Highschool football lights up the town, and is enjoyed by everyone young and experienced! Home games in Fruitland Idaho are a place to connect with your neighbors, and enjoy the sense of community! Come Cheer with us… Goooo GRIZZLES!

The Hischool Grizzlies Light Up the Town on Friday Nights in Fruitland Idaho!


This is a small town get together that ALL enjoy together!

Support the Highschool at the concession stand, or enjoy The Fewks family run BBQ all night long while you meet the neighbors, and cheer for the GRIZZLIES football team! This is the place to be whenever there’s a home game. One of the funnest social events that the entire family attends together. Sit & relax with your neighbors {Or make new friends in the community} in the bleechers, while you let the kids socialize close by.

Friday Night Football in Fruitland



A crowning jewl of New Plymouth is it’s schools… Smaller schools can give more personal attention. New Plymouth Teachers are top knotch, and the kids excell!

New Plymouth High School


New Plymouth Idaho was created to be an “Agricurtural Utopia” and it’s small schools have Teachers {and local businesses} who LOVE to TEACH, and kids EXCELL here!


New Plymouth stands out with a whopping 80% of seniors graduating with Specific goals and Collage Credits.

The town of New Plymouth was designed by a group of Business men from New York. As planned the unique Horse Shoe shape of the town, and rich agricurtural lanscape makes New Plymouth Idaho the best kept secret to large scale farmers, hobby famers, ranchers, and citizens alike!

Farm Fields

New Plymouth Idaho City Hall & Sheriff’s Office, and Library

New Plymouth Town Hall

A BIG part of the New Plymouth community is the Internet Truck Stop {This BIG building is also home to Mahleur Federal Credit Union, and has space available for rent.}

Internet Truck Stop Building


Cheeky’s Farm Girl Boutique in downtown New Plymouth is a popular place for Country appearal in New Plymouth & surrounding areas!

Farm Girl Botique