Who Is He?

He is my (and your) big brother. My only big brother. My perfect big brother. My LOYAL big brother! He loves me (and you) fiercely; even that he would die to save me (and you). He wants us to succeed, and is always willing and wanting to help when we sincerely ask. He completely understands us and how we feel. He knows the things we go through, and he has experienced it all. He knows it all, and understands it all…. And lucky for me, and for you, He has power over it all!

Making it Personal

Think of a father, son, brother, mother, spouse, or friend; someone who you LOVE with your whole heart and soul. Think about your feelings for them. How much you love them. How you hurt when they hurt. That is how much you love your big (eldest) brother and Savior Jesus Christ. You just don’t remember. 

Now think of Christ with those feelings of that person you love with your whole heart and soul. Think of Christ as that person you love suffering your sorrows, illnesses, and taking the excruciating punishments because of the things you did wrong (your sins). See in your mind that person you love so much being beat, slapped, spit in the face, made fun of, tied & whipped till they hung with flesh ripped open. Forced to carry a cross, and falling down because they are so worn out from the punishment. Then stripped of their clothing and nailed to the cross. And all this happened to that special person to save you. How would you feel? You felt the same feelings when our savior suffered those things that way for you… You just don’t remember. 

He is your biggest, strongest, wisest, kindest, smartest, brother… Your hero, your example. You love him more than you know, and he loves you more then you can imagine. He suffered these things, this way, to save you and me from the consequences of our sins and from death. 

Jesus Christ is our perfect Big Brother. He is stronger than anyone or anything. He knows everything about you and me and LOVES us still! He is LOYAL and reliable. He is a protective Big Brother, and will protect us perfectly without forcing our minds. He is loving, caring, and kind. He is perfectly obedient, and has perfect self control! He’s completely understanding because he has experienced it too. He gives of himself, taking time for each one of us. He is (or wants to be) involved in our lives! He is eager to help & bless us. He is just waiting for our invitation! Waiting for us to seek Him & ask. “Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

Merry Christmas