A Lesson From Mom –

Mom never had it easy. But, She knew what mattered most, and how things work out despite life’s obstacles.

Mom got married when she was only eighteen, and about nine months later had her first baby. About every two years after that her family grew by another child, till she had eight. That’s a lot of mouths to feed and diapers to change! A lot for one person, especially when your spouse is working twelve hours a day trying to provide for it all.

Mom didn’t have a life of leisure. She worked hard ALL THE TIME: cleaning, preparing meals for our huge family, and helping to make ends-meet. But she loved us enough to keep going with a smile on her face every day. She always had a hot breakfast welcoming us each morning, and fresh cookies coming out of the oven after school!

She was a good example… I remember looking for my mom one day. As I started to open her bedroom door, I saw her on her knees praying beside her bed. I always felt like my mom was a prophet or something… And when I asked to do something with friends She’d often say, “I don’t feel good about it.” That always made me cringe because she knew too much of what I wasn’t saying. I knew my mom was “tight” with the Lord, and that He answered her prayers, especially her prayers for us.

Growing up in a house with eight siblings was often loud and chaotic, but we always had what we needed, and life was good.

Then It Was My Turn

Years later, I was a young mom and struggling with my own little family. I called my mom and vented my worries to her. She’s always had a good listening ear! After telling her my woes, she knowingly said,


“Put the Lord first, and do what’s right. And everything will work out. He will bless it to all work out.”

She was right. And THAT has been a blessing to my family and I ever since!

Over the years I’ve sincerely tried to put the Lord first, and do what’s right. Don’t get me wrong, I make mistakes along the way just like everyone else. But my ultimate intention has always been to do what’s right. And just like my Mother said, everything has worked out. Life isn’t perfect, it gets messy and stressful at times, but life is GOOD!

Love, Juliea

What is Your Home Worth? – Fruitland REALTOR

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Home and money

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Save time money and stress by listing your home with Me! As a professional Real Estate Agent, I will market your home to show it’s best qualities…  Then, I work with realtors throughout the Treasure Valley to find qualified buyers!

Selling your home can be stressful… I walk you through the entire process step by step to make it much easier!

Juliea by AmandaCall Juliea Huffaker 208-244-8505

With endless listings and property information I help you:

  • Locate good buyers to purchase your home.
  • Schedule showings.
  • Communicate and coordinate with buyers, sellers, escrow, agents and inspectors.
  • Negotiate the highest sales price for my Sellers.
  • Write legal purchase and sale contracts, and get full property disclosures
  • List Your Home on the MLS, Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia and other home selling websites.
  • Draft any needed addendums and contingencies.
  • Send all contracts out for electronic signatures.
  • Order Home Warranties.
  • Schedule Water Testing, Septic Inspections and Home Inspections
  • Obtain and distribute receipts for repairs, maintenance and inspections.
  • Open Title & Escrow for transaction.
  • Work with Title & Escrow to provide clean title, and funding and recording!

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Get Your House Ready to SELL in 3 Steps – Fruitland REALTOR

If you’re like most people, getting your house ready to sell is an overwhelming thought. Keep it simple with these 3 steps!


1. Clean inside and out!

Home buyers are turned off by other peoples dirt. Inside: Clean your home from top to bottom and make sure your bathrooms and kitchen are spotless before each showing! Outside: make sure landscaping is clean cut, and your personal property (toys and tools, etc.) are put away.

2. Repairs

Little details matter when selling your home! Make sure to patch little holes in the drywall, and get that leaky faucet repaired! Potential buyers will notice anything left un-fixed. Make each showing count by making fixes before you list your home.  Potential home buyers often feel uneasy about the condition of your house in need of any repairs!

3. Stage Your Home To Sell!

Staging your home starts with de-cluttering, decorating or organizing your furniture and belongings to define a space, and de personalizing. So put your family pictures and stacks of bills away. Make sure that each space looks it’s best for the space. Example: Dining rooms should have a clean table with a vase of flowers and chairs around it. If possible center the table under the chandelier!

Juliea by AmandaCall Juliea Huffaker


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How To Stage Your Home for a FAST Sale – Fruitland REALTOR

How to Stage Your Home! Accentuate the Positive ~ Eliminate the Negative!

REALTOR Fruitland

Purchasing a home is usually an emotional decision. Making minor changes can create major buyer APPEAL. Follow these simple tips to make a quick sale of your home with your Fruitland REALTOR!

Curb Appeal:

REALTOR fruitlandA new front door is one of the easiest ways to give your home a face-lift! Experts say that replacing your front door can also give you the highest return on investment. Home sellers are reported to recoup 97% of the new Front Door cost. This is an upgrade that literally pays for itself. First impressions should set the scene for the rest of your home, and should make the buyer want to see the rest of your home.

  • Replace or paint your front door!
  • Make sure your doorbell functions well.
  • Repair any loose hardware on your front door.
  • Oil the door hinges.

Keep it Clean – Light & Bright!

Front Room Your Choice: Office, Den, or Living Room

Before you do anything else… Declutter your home. Decluttering your home makes it appear bigger, brighter, and much more appealing to potential buyers! Plus, selling your home need NOT be as stressful as you might think… If you keep things clean and organized!

Your home should look and feel welcoming as soon as potential buyers come in the front door. When home buyers enter your front door they usually form their opinion for the rest of your house.  Your foyer is the first area potential home buyers see when they enter your home. Just like good curb appeal, you want to make it feel welcoming and bright. Well-lit areas are the most welcoming spaces.

  • Use light neutral color schemes that brighten your home.
  • Hang a beautiful mirror to make any space look bigger and brighter!

Lighting: Use a combination of permanent lights and other lamps to make your home look welcoming anytime of day or night.  Try using a decorative chandeliers, and lamps to brighten your home.

Compliment Don’t Distract

Effectively stage your home by flaunting it’s strengths. You can do this by displaying updates, and making focal points in key rooms. Focus on decorating the kitchen and living rooms with the best that you have. The best way to display furniture is by grouping it in sections of the carpet and away from the walls.

Keep wall art simple, it can make or break any real estate deal. Large areas of vacant wall space can be boring, so incorporate simple artwork that complements your wall color!

Gorgeous front doors, well-lit foyers, simple decor, and neutral tones make lasting impressions that help your home sell fast!

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My Story

Hey, I’m Juliea Huffaker

I am a wife, mother of six, REALTOR®, home designer, blogger, aspiring gardner, a dreamer, and a Believer!

There have been a LOT of people, and experiences, that have influenced my life. However, one of the most profound happened way back when I was a teenager.

It’s taken me years to be able to talk about this without getting too emotional. After losing someone you love too soon, the feelings remain raw for years.

When U2 music plays, as I’m driving alone, I think about Rachel – my closest sister. Rachel was about 18 months older than me, and my childhood bestie. She died three days before her eighteenth birthday in a car accident right in front of me. But I didn’t know for hours.

Rachel Ann Perry 1976-1994

Rachel Perry 1976-1994

I was too interested in my friends to see what was happening. I wish I wouldn’t of fought with her minutes before, or treated her badly. I wish I would have been paying attention to her, like a good sister would. I wish I would of seen her cars headlights as they rolled off the road into the desert. I wish I ran to her and told her that I was sorry, and that I loved her one more time.

I will never forget a few days after Rachel died, I had a dream… But, it wasn’t just a dream. Rachel came to me as I was sleeping in my bed and gave me a really GOOD hug. It was one of those hugs that feels sooo good and comforting. She was looking at me, and without moving her mouth, she told me that she loved me and that she wasn’t mad at me. I know that Rachels spirit is alive, and that she understands my feelings. I know she is close at times and watches us – her family.

I think of what she would say if she could. I think about what she KNOWS now, and how she must feel.

I was only sixteen years old.

I had a deep longing to know if our (Rachels and my) sins could really be forgiven through Jesus Christs Atonement. I really wanted to know if we would actually be resurrected, and live in our bodies, after we die. Was that kind of miracle really possible? Rachel died too soon, she was too young, and it wasn’t fair. She didn’t get to grow up, move out, get married, have kids, or even get braces! I really wanted to know if Rachel would actually be resurrected and live in her body again. I wanted to know if she would be able to enjoy all the living that she missed out on.

Easter Morning – Yucca Valley, CA April 5th 1995

Rachel died in November and about five months later, Easter was coming. Saturday night (the night before Easter) I prayed asking all those questions. I didn’t get an answer that night. I woke up on Easter Sunday morning… April 6th 1995, in the hot Yucca Valley California desert. The house was quieter than normal. I could see the light of the sun shining through my blinds. It seemed brighter than normal, so I opened them. To my complete astonishment, the entire desert was bright WHITE…

EVERY rock and cactus was completely COVERED in several inches of bright white snow. (Unlike the picture I found above.) Then the words came into my mind, “Though thy sins be as scarlet, they shall be WHITE as snow.” And I KNEW! I knew that Jesus Christ has the power to, and willingly, FORGIVES our sins. That wasn’t all… I KNEW that God is a God of MIRACLES! He can make it snow, out of nowhere, in the middle of the hot mojave desert IN APRIL. And if he can make it snow on Easter morning in hot Yucca Valley, He can do anything! I knew He can bring the dead back to life – Resurrection. Heavenly father loving answered my sincere prayer on that Easter morning after Rachel died.

Despite the miraculous answer to my prayers, I was still struggling with what kind of life I wanted to live, and who I wanted to be.

Left to Right: Juliea Perry, April Talbot, Janess Perry in Placerville Ca. 1997

After high school I went to live in BEAUTIFUL Placerville California. This place always felt like HOME to me. When I was about nine years old we lived here in my Grandma and Grandpa Perry’s house while they were on a mission. Even the road made me feel home, “Perry Hill Dr.” This was where my Dad grew up. Where my Grandpa taught high school english, and where Grandma and Grandpa raised TEN kids. This is where all the stories we heard about Dads childhood happened. This was where we went whenever we could go on vacation, and for holidays. When Grandma Perry died, my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Harold bought their house. And it still feels like home.

One night, when I was staying at my Aunt Kathy’s and Uncle Harold house in Placerville, I had an intense and troubling dream. I dreamt that Rachel was desperately trying to talk to me through fuzz. (Like the fuzz on an old black and white TV, before cable or satellite came along.) I could barely make out her face, and that she wanted me to do something FOR HER. I was trying really hard to see through the fuzz and then I woke up.

For several days I felt like I was in the twilight zone. I felt sad for Rachel, and felt like there was something she really wanted me to do for her. BUT, for that entire week I couldn’t understand what it was. I didn’t think I could do ANYTHING for her… She was dead. It was consuming my thoughts in every spare moment. I was feeling sad and hopeless because in the Book of Mormon we learn that “this life is the time to prepare to meet God.” I knew her life was over and there was nothing else she could do.

That Saturday I had the day off work, and I went out onto the trampoline in the backyard by myself. I was thinking about that dream, and what Rachel would want me to do for her. The thought came into my mind, “The only thing You can do for Rachel is to live a good life, and choose the right.” If I lived a good life and choose the right, I could be with her again. I could do that for her!

About a year later, Janess (my younger sister) and I were eating at our favorite Greek restaurant. I was talking to her about a guy (not a very good guy) who I was spending a lot of time with. Janess started crying and getting upset. I got embarrassed because everyone in that restaurant could see her crying, and they were looking at us. Then she said, “Then it’s like Rachel died for nothing!” That was something I really needed to hear. It was enough to bring me back to reality. The reality that Rachels’ death brought me to God, and I wanted (and needed) to live my life in a way so I would be worthy to be with her again.

So, that week I talked to my Bishop, left all my friends, quit my job, and moved home to Yucca Valley. I knew that there was NO ONE in Yucca Valley (or surrounding areas) that I would want to date or hang out with. I knew I was giving up all my friends and all the fun. I was going to be lonely. I decided to go to the community college and get ready to serve a mission.

A few months later Dad was inspired, in the Las Vegas Temple, to tell Darin that he needed to meet his daughter. (And That’s Another Story!)

I’ve Had Many Hard Experiences Since & They Have Strengthened Me.

I know that Jesus Christ still performs miracles, heals the sick, delivers us from spiritual and temporal bondage, changes our hearts and nurtures, answers our prayers, strengthens us, blesses us with angels in this world (and in spirit) to help and strengthen us. He protects us spiritually and physically. And when we stay close to Him, He inspires us and increases our understandings through his Holy Spirit.

I know these things because he has done them all, at different times in my life, FOR ME!

He has answered my prayers in the moment. HE has HEALED my heart, physically and emotionally, when life was excruciatingly stressful and there was no other help. He has blessed us to be able to pay off debts and delivered us from BONDAGE.

Over the years, HE has changed my heart and MY nature. HE answers MY prayers, and He will answer yours! HE strengthens me everyday to physically be healthy, and take care of all my responsibilities (which are many). HE strengthens me to LOVE those who rub me the wrong way. HE strengthens me to FORGIVE those who offend me. HE blesses me with Angels in this world who are the best of friends and help bear my burdens. He makes my burdens light and my life easier.

HE has blessed me with Angels from the spirit world who have protected me and my family in car accidents, and from animal attacks. He has blessed me to feel Rachel and Grandparents who have passed on. I am protected and blessed daily as I stay close to Him by keeping His commandments and my promise; Remembering Jesus Christ and trying to follow HIS perfect example (even though I always fall short).

I KNOW that Jesus Christ is NO ORDINARY man. In fact, I know that he is the living SON of GOD our Heavenly Father. He is our PERFECT eldest Brother in our Heavenly Fathers family. He is our BROTHER who LOVES us perfectly AS WE ARE. He KNOWS us perfectly, and better than we know ourselves. He has all POWER to help us as we come unto him… For he has said, “Come unto me all ye that labor, and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly of heart: and Ye shall find REST unto your souls!”

I know He gives peace to our hearts and minds in the most troubled times, and blesses our lives in so many ways. In fact, I believe that all good comes from, through, and because of Him.

He was, and is, the ONLY man on this earth with the ability to pay for our sins, and overcome death FOR US because he was the LITERAL Son of God. He has the POWER to FORGIVE our sins and mistakes! Because He is the living Son of God, and has PAID the price for our sins, (no matter how bad) He has overcome all sin, addiction, death, and weaknesses for us! Because He is our PERFECT Big Brother, and because we couldn’t do it for ourselves. It had to be done by someone PERFECT… The Son of God. It had to be DIVINE and eternal sacrifice.

Because He has risen from death and lives now, He has OVERCOME DEATH for every person who has ever (and will ever) lived! That is so exciting to me! I will live after I die, so will Rachel, and so will You!

Even though our mistakes may be as dark as scarlet red blood, they can be as white and SOFT and COVERED by HIS perfection and power like a deep white SNOW covering. And because he is the literal Son of God, He had the POWER to give his life and take it up again! He willingly, and literally, GAVE his life to GIVE everyone LIFE in the flesh AFTER we die.

It breaks my heart when anyone makes a comment to discredit OUR Savior. Im heartbroken when I see my family breaking their promise to always remember Him, keep His commandments and follow His example.

We are all God’s children. Although we do not remember life before we were born, Jesus Christ IS our oldest Brother. And like the PERFECT big brother that He is, HE LOVES us dearly! That is WHY He suffered more than man can suffer. But he didn’t just suffer and die for our sins… He suffered our sicknesses, sorrows, and our weaknesses so that He would know how to SUCCOR us (Help Us).

I feel a BIG responsibility to open my mouth, and share my experiences with you. I know Rachel would want me to.

“One LOVE, one BLOOD, One LIFE, You got to do what you should. One life with each other Sisters, brothers. One life, but we’re not the same. We get to carry each other, carry each other. One.” (U2 – One)

LOVE, Juliea Huffaker

Buying or Selling Real Estate During COVID-19 – Fruitland REALTOR

Real Estate is booming with buyers relocating from big cities to Fruitland and the surrounding areas.

Our first priority is our customers satisfaction and safety. So, during the COVID 19 pandemic we have put into place safety measures to ensure you are protected during home showings as a buyer or seller! Face masks and gloves will be provided to ensure sanitation for showings.

We will also be providing walk through showings ONLINE via video so buyers can walk through your listing before an in-person showing.

These measures will protect real estate buyers and sellers and provide another selling point with ONLINE showings!

Thank You for understanding. I look forward to working with you!
Juliea Huffaker

Fruitland ID Real Estate Agent

DSC_0141Your Fruitland Real Estate Expert

Get equipped with the strongest tools and resources to successfully BUY and SELL Real Estate in Fruitland Idaho with Your Fruitland Idaho Real Estate Expert Juliea @ Syme Real Estate – Fruitland Idaho!

Save Time, Money, and Stress Buying or Selling Real Estate in Fruitland Idaho with Unparalleled Service and the Highest Ethical Standards

Whether You’re in town or our a few miles out in the country, We’ll help you achieve your Real Estate goals! Fruitland residents enjoy the amenities town only a couple miles away while living in the serenity of Fruitland Idaho! With shopping and employment only a few miles away, there’s no better place to RELISH the privacy and abundance of country living in a farm community like Fruitland Idaho!

  • Get notified of new listings as soon as they go LIVE!
  • Get answers to Your questions, and the local knowledge to make your Fruitland Idaho Real Estate transaction a SMOOTH one!
  • Get an EXCELLENT lender, whose seasoned in successful local mortgages!
  • Get information on all the neighborhoods and country areas in the Fruitland area!

Schedule ONLINE or Call Juliea Huffaker @ 208-244-8505

SOLD – 5625 Sunset Rd. Fruitland, ID

SOLD – Just listed with awesome VIEWS and great LOCATION!

Enjoy the beautiful mountains by day, and the lights of Bogus at night from this large home on almost 1 acre. Beautiful mature landscaping and shade trees plus a paved circle driveway! Property has an insulated SHOP/Garage, PLUS a metal 4 bay barn/shop with sliding doors and separate paved driveway. This spacious home has 2 living areas plus entry room, dining rm, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 fireplaces & wood stove!

To Request a SHOWING Call Juliea Huffaker 208-244-8505

SOLD! 105 E. 1st St. Fruitland ID 83619 – $399,000.00

SOLD – Dream House on Acreage in Fruitland FOR SALE!

Talk about a dream house that has it all! 1989 farm house charm WITHOUT all the work because it’s already been done! This house is totally restored with new furnace, plumbing, electrical, drywall, siding, etc! Just enjoy all the character with no fuss!

This home has it all: That wrap around porch you’ve dreamed of you’re entire life, pool with an exterior bathroom close by, pergola with built in BBQ plumbed with natural gas and hot tub, pasture with irrigation for animals, big yard with mature landscaping, room to park 4+ vehicles under roof including RV parking, shop, and garden spot PLUS all the CHARACTER of an 1989 farm house… But better because it’s all been beautifully restored!


– Gated entry!
– Large – Gorgeous Wrap Around Porch!
– Pool with exterior bathroom!
– Pergola with plumbed BBQ & Hot Tub.
– Covered RV Parking
– 2 car garage
– Shed +++ PLUS large storage rooms under roof.
– Pasture
– Large dining room for Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners!
– 2 Living areas
– Fire Place!
– 2 bathrooms inside + 1 outside under roof!
– 5+ bedrooms
– Cellar for storage!
– Carpet upstairs.
– Hardy Exterior Siding
– New Furnace, dry wall, electric & plumbing have all been redone!

Providing Real Estate Services in Fruitland Idaho & surrounding areas