Local Food & Farms

There are so many beautiful and nourishing local farms & food sources in our area! A few of our favorite places to buy from are:

The Honey Store!

The Honey Store is a Bee Farm, or Honey Farm if you will, producing an abundance of local honey and beautiful bee products including beeswax candles, skin care products, and beekeeping equipment. The also sell honey by the pound, and if you bring your own container it’s only $3 per pound; making a quart mason jar only $9!

Address: 2330 Hwy 30 W, Fruitland, ID 83619 Phone(208) 452-7035


Henggelers Packing Co.

Henggelers are a 3 generation local Orcharding family, and sell their gorgeous fruit and fruit products at their facility, Henggelers Packing Co. on Elmore Rd. Henggelers grow almost every kind of apple, plus pears, peaches, and cherries. They have apples made into applesauce too, and it is sooo good!

Address: 6730 Elmore Rd, Fruitland, ID 83619 Phone(208) 452-4212


Y-1 Farms!

Y-1 Farms is a Maag family farm and raises prime and select quality BEEF! My family loves their BEEF! We like to get a half a cow a year. We can’t even describe how much better this quality, fresh, local beef is compared to what you buy at the grocery store. It just doesn’t even compare! You can buy a whole cow, half a cow or a quarter, and have it professionally CUSTOM butchered at the local butcher – Bostons Beef House in Ontario.

Address: 5112 Maag Rd N, Vale, OR 97918 Phone(541) 473-2266


Wither’s Dairy!

The wonderful Withers Family run a beautiful small dairy at 3104 SW 1st Ave, just outside of the Fruitland. (The address is actually New PLymouth) Producing and selling healthy RAW MILK for pickup. They take great care of their cows and land and produce really good tasting milk and milk products! They also seasonally offer jams and jellies!

Address: 3104 SW 1st Ave, New Plymouth, ID 83655


Jamieson Produce

Jamieson Produce is also a Maag Family Farm. They grow and sell local onions! A funny story… About 10 years ago, we lived in the greater Phoenix area, where my husband ran a pest control company. He serviced several restaurants, and while in one of our customer restaurants, he saw a large bag of onions from Jamison Produce! These guys grow a TON of onions and ship them throughout the US! They have the Jamieson Produce packing shed in Vale.

Address: 465 Hope St, Vale, OR 97918 Open now · Phone(541) 473-3274


Farmers Markets!

Fruitland has 2 farmers markets. One on HWY 95 in the red barn, and the other is Purdums on the corner of HWY 30 and Elmore Rd. Both of these markets provide gorgeous local produce from corn to beets to peaches and raspberries and everything in between! They are open seasonally.

Address: 6525 US-95, Fruitland, ID 83619